Originally from Finland, born in 1994, Sandra Wallin known as Sandy Bee, grows up in the heart of the Finnish archipelago in an environment where the culture and art are strongly highlighted. After graduating in 2014, she decides to move to Paris to study Textile Design at Olivier de Serres ENSAAMA. It´s here that her interest for painting will spring to life under the supervision and advices of her teachers. After her BA in Textiles, she decides to devote all her time to painting. Self-taught, she starts to experiment and create artworks in her studio in the outskirts of Paris.

Her life in Paris, her sensibility and her freedom to create have been strongly influencing her work. She starts to portray common situations captivated in the metro and on the streets. Her goal is to highlight hidden messages in our society, our lives and our environment.

Her biggest sources of inspiration are Keith Haring, Jean Dubuffet and David Hockney. Sandy´s style is childish, banal, remarquable and easily recognisable. Sandy likes to call her style sandyism: her colours are surrounded by outlines which are in their turn overrun by other lines in different thicknesses. Her paintings consist of many colours and different shapes creating a playground where to explore symbols and codes already used. She paints what she lives, what she sees, her life and surroundings.